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Listed Properties Owners' Club

Established in 1993, the Listed Properties Owners Club is an organisation with members who are potential buyers or owners of listed buildings. It is the authoritative source of information and advice on the maintenance, responsibilities, and obligations of ownership of Britain’s protected buildings.

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Listed Properties Owners Club Membership Benefits

Membership benefits include getting advice and insider information regarding planning, maintenance, list of suppliers and professional services, financial savings, law, and property insurance.

Membership includes:

1. FREE TELEPHONE HELPLINE - to discuss issues or plans regarding buying, owning, and maintaining the listed property.

2. FREE CONSERVATION AND PLANNING ADVICE – to get advice on the conservation, planning, repair, maintenance, alteration, and any unauthorised work of previous owners of the listed property.

3. SUPPLIERS DIRECTORY – hundreds of specialists, companies, architects, surveyors, window restorers, etc. that are based across the UK, which has been verified and can be approached by members with confidence.


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4. LISTED HERITAGE SUBSCRIPTION – a year’s subscription to the 150 pages bi-monthly Listed Heritage Magazine containing features, letters, tips, hints, owner stories, inspirations, technical help, shopping pages, heritage events, and additional list of suppliers and specialist exclusive for members. It also includes regular contributions from leading conservation practitioners, Historic England, Historic Environment Scotland, and Cadw.

5. SPECIALIST INSURANCE – advice from specialists and access to listed buildings including those which are undergoing renovation or conversion.

6. THE LISTED PROPERTY INSURANCE – aside from personal service and specialist advice, members of the Listed Property Owners Club may avail of the Listed Property Insurance which covers:

  1. every Grade of a listed building, and listed properties undergoing renovation, repair or conversion.
  2. listed properties used for holiday homes, rentals and lets.
  3. protection from unauthorized work carried out by previous owners.
  4. the use of required skills and materials for damage repair based on the standards of Conservation Officers.
  5. up to 3 years alternative accommodation and the option to select the skilled tradesmen for any work or repair
  6. assistance from qualified surveyors for an estimate of the correct rebuilding cost.
  7. expert staff with a proper understanding of listed properties.

7. OWNERS LOGBOOK – access to up to date information and briefings related to listed property ownership, and a copy of the members’ property listing.


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8. POLITICAL CAMPAIGN FOR OWNERS – Listed Property Owners Club is actively leading the national petition for the reduction of the VAT to 5% for repairs and approved alterations to listed buildings and simplification of the planning process and providing a voice for listed property owners who are calling for action on tax and planning reform.

tudor cottage

9. TAX ADVICE – expert advice on the impact of tax changes on listed properties.

London Listed apartment

10. DISCOUNTED LPOC LISTED BUILDING PLAQUE – members get a discount on the unique and exclusive solid Lead Plaque and a personalized Oak Plaque as a symbol of their pride of ownership of their listed property.

decorative listed building

11. LISTED PROPERTY SHOWS – members get to access information and latest updates on the forthcoming listed property shows and regional forums to allow listed property owners to discuss their suggestions or concerns regarding listed properties with experts and their local Member of Parliament.

For more information with regard to the membership benefits, you may visit the Listed Property Owners' Club website at


The UK Government in 2012 removed the 0% VAT concession on approved alterations to listed buildings. The said decision has added a burden to listed building owners who already have to shoulder the conservation or restoration bills to preserve their listed property, which is more expensive than maintaining a standard home.

Although there are still some ways for owners to apply for reduced VAT, its process and methods on where and how these rules apply can be difficult, and most owners are completely unaware of this.

Here is an example of how The Listed Property Owners’ Club helped an owner in Maidstone, Kent to receive a refund of over £17,000 from the Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC). The owner who purchased a dilapidated house sought the advice of VAT Advisor of The Listed Property Owners’ Club during the annual Listed Property Show.

The property was a failed pub, which was converted by the owner to a single domestic dwelling. Although the owner had managed to work his way in evading VAT on the purchase price for the repair and conversion of the pub to a residential home with the help of an accountant, he only became aware of a third step introduced by the LPOC advisor at a Listed Property Show. With his help and guidance, the dilapidated pub’s three-year restoration project to become a residential home (except VAT on trivial items and specific disallowed items), was completed without incurring VAT, resulting in a refund from HMRC totaling over £17,000.

This is just one of the few ways how The Listed Property Owners’ Club experts could provide a key role in educating and supporting members with the issues they face in their purchase or ownership of listed properties.


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