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Helpful Listed Building Organisations

There are several organisations that give specialist in help with Listed Buildings this list includes some of them:-

English Heritage –

English Heritage, or to give the full official name the Historic Buildings and Monuments Commission for England, is the Government’s statutory adviser on the historic environment.  English Heritage helps in protecting and promoting England’s historic buildings advising the relevant Secretary of State regarding policy and registering listed buildings and scheduled ancient monuments.

British Listed Buildings –

For a comprehensive online resource look no further than British Listed where you can search to see if a building is listed or not and view the listing text.

National Trust – national

The charity National Trust established in 1895 helps to protect historic houses, gardens and ancient monuments as well as some of the countryside that is of natural beauty or historic.

The Listed Property Owners Club –

The Listed Property Owners Club is exactly as its name suggests a membership club for owners of Listed properties and offers help and support to their members.

Architectural Heritage Fund –

Providing grants, subject to eligibility, the Architectural Heritage Fund helps with information on funding sources for repair, conservation, conversion and rehabilitation of neglected historic buildings.

Heritage Funding Directory – The Heritage Alliance –

For help in identifying sources for grants as well as support with historic buildings the charity The Heritage Alliance brings together independent heritage organisations sharing experience and expertise between their members.

SPAB Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings –

As far back as the days of William Morris, one of SPAB’s founders there has been concern with the protection of ancient buildings.  SPAB decrees that they “advise, educate and campaign” regarding the historic environment and again is a registered charity with a membership structure for all those that care about old buildings.

The Georgian Group –

As the name suggests The Georgian Group was established to protect and preserve Georgian buildings, monuments and landscapes.  The Georgian Group has helped save many Georgian buildings and again is a registered charity and has annual Architectural Awards recognising those who have conserved and restored Georgian buildings and landscapes.

The Victorian Society –

In a similar manner to The Georgian Group The Victorian Society is a charity that helps save Victorian and Edwardian buildings in England and Wales.  Founded in 1958 The Victorian Society when Victorian buildings were not particularly liked and with the need for new housing widespread destruction of Victorian buildings was taking place.  Lead by Anne, Lady Rosse and a group of her friends The Victorian Society set about campaigning to prevent further demolitions of Victorian buildings and through their influence the government changed its views with the Town and Country Planning Act 1969 enforcing a listed building consent system.

Building Conservation – building

The website offers an online facility highlighting products, publications and services regarding the conservation of historic buildings.

The Georgian Group –

The Georgian Group is established to protect and preserve Georgian buildings and provides small grants for restoration schemes.

The Institute of Historic Building Conservation –

The Institute of Historic Building Conservation is a professional organisation for building conservation specialists and historic environment experts operating in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales with associations to the Republic of Ireland.

Master Carvers Association –

The Master Carvers Association is the oldest association of wood and stone carvers in the United Kingdom being originally founded in the Victorian era during the building boom.  The members of the Master Carvers Association are skilled wood and stone craftsmen and modelling experts as well as employers of carvers, apprentices and trained craftsmen there are also associate members who are individuals, institutions and companies who are specifically interested in professional carving in wood and stone but are not carvers or employers of carvers themselves.

National Heritage Training Group –

The remit of the National Heritage Training Group is to raise awareness of the importance of heritage and traditional building craft skills.  The National Heritage Training Group is a voluntary organisation and is accountable for co-ordinating the ongoing development, training and qualifications of traditional building crafts in the heritage sector across the UK.

Ancient Monuments Society –

Established in 1924 the Ancient Monuments Society helps conserve and further the study of buildings of all Era’s and styles and, as a National Amenity Society under the 1968 Town and Country Planning Act is one of the named societies that applications for listed building consent to demolish listed buildings in whole or part in England and Wales have to notify.

Council of British Archaeology –

The Council of British Archaeology is an independent charity that helps to bring together members, supporters and partners giving them a voice to assist in safeguarding and promoting the appreciation of archaeology for current and future generations.  The Council of British Archaeology was established in 1944 and has grown over time with the main strategies of participation, discovery, advocacy and sustainability.

Save Britain’s Heritage –

Established in 1975 Save Britain’s Heritage campaigns for historic buildings speaking out to save the historic environment.  Save Britain’s Heritage was formed by architects, historians, journalists and planners as a crusade to help save endangered historic buildings.

Buildings at Risk (BaR) –

Since 1990 a Buildings at Risk Register has been in existence in Scotland as there is a concern regarding the growing number of listed buildings and buildings in Conservation areas that are vacant and in a dilapidated state.  These historic buildings and architectural buildings that are at risk are listed on the Register which is maintained by the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland.

Historic England publishes yearly since 1999 a Register of Heritage at Risk identifying buildings in England and Wales that are at risk.  Local Authorities across England and Wales are encouraged to maintain and publish buildings at risk registers.

The UK Association of Preservation Trusts –

The Twentieth Century Society –

The Twentieth Century Society assists to safeguard the heritage of architecture and design in Britain from 1914 onwards.

Charles Brooking – The Brooking Collection

The Federation of Master Builders

Weald & Downland Open Air Museum

Heritage of London Trust

Federation of Traditional Metal Roofing Contractors

Lead Contractors Association

Images of England – photographic library of England’s Listed buildings

The Listed Property Show

The Angel Awards – Lord Lloyd-Webber and English Heritage, The Telegraph

The Ecology Building Society – will lend on derelict but sound houses