Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

The City of Cambridge, the County Town of Cambridgeshire is renowned as one of the Top 3 University cities in the world (with Oxford as the Top University) and therefore attracting some of the most intellectual students from all over the globe.  Cambridge is also a beautiful city to live in with Riverside as the most expensive area of exclusive properties overlooking the river Cam.

If you are purchasing a property in the Cambridge area, particularly a listed building you need a structural survey also known as a building survey carried out on the property.  Free Phone 0800 298 5424 for a friendly chat with one of our chartered surveyors.

Moving to Cambridge?

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Listed Buildings in Cambridge

As surveyors we are particularly interested in historic buildings and Cambridge has a wealth of listed and historic buildings for us to enjoy!   In fact, Cambridge has over 1,500 listed buildings including the remains of Roman buildings, castles and even lamp posts!


The light golden stone is, in our opinion, what we mostly relate to buildings located throughout the City of Cambridge.

Stone to Cambridge building

The beautiful college buildings of Cambridge are steeped in history including Christ's College, Kings College, Trinity College and Peterhouse (which is the oldest of the Cambridge Colleges founded in 1284). Many of the world’s greats have been educated at Cambridge including Isaac Newton, Stephen Hawking, Charles Darwin to name a few and it has attracted royalty such as Prince Charles and Queen Margrethe II of Denmark as well as those from the entertainment industry including Emma Thompson, Stephen Fry and John Cleese.  Apologies for those greats that we have not included here however the list is too vast!

Listed Building Grades

There are three types of listed building grades:

Grade I

Buildings of exceptional interest.

Grade II*

Buildings considered to be particularly important buildings of more than special interest.

Grade II

Buildings considered to be of special interest, warranting every effort to preserve them.  More than ninety percent of the properties that are listed have been given Grade II status.

Buying a listed building

If you are buying a listed building you should be aware that any amendments that have been carried out without approval become your liability and your risk and you can be fined for causing damage to a listed building even if you have not carried out the work.  This can be insured against by the existing owners but you do need to establish this before you purchase the property.

Our dedicated chartered surveyors are experts in surveying listed buildings and can identify any problems the property has.  We will thoroughly inspect the property including high level areas such as the roof and chimney using a drone where applicable.  Our survey report will clearly set out the issues and advise of the action required and an anticipated cost to rectify.

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