Ipswich, the county town of Suffolk has a wealth of history dating back to the 7th Century and is known as the oldest Anglo Saxon town in England.

Ipswich has around 600 listed buildings and a medieval street layout crammed with interesting architecture making it a surveyor’s delight.


Our surveyors have surveyed many properties in Ipswich over the years and if you are buying a listed building we are here to help!   We will carry out a detailed survey of the property for you and advise of any property problems including woodworm, wet rot, dry rot, structural movement and cracking to name just a few.

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Ipswich Listed Buildings

Ipswich has a broad spectrum of listed buildings including Grade 1 listed buildings such as the magnificent Tudor Christchurch Mansion and the Unitarian Meeting House to the more modern Willis building constructed between 1970 and 1975 which is a unique building, occasionally referred to  as 'the piano' and unusually listed at such a young age.  Grade I buildings are considered to be those that are of exceptional interest, of which at the time of writing only 2.5% of listed buildings in England are Grade I listed.

Ipswich Timber Frame Buildings

Many of the listed buildings we survey have a timber frame structure which is hidden in the most part by the render on the outside of the wall and plaster internally.  The timber frame can suffer from wet rot, dry rot and woodworm and needs a thorough survey by an experienced chartered surveyor to ensure that you are not buying a problem property.  We have a passion for listed buildings and the expertise to carry out a thorough building survey and advise if there are any potential problems with the building.

17th Century Timber Frame Building

Timber Frame

Checking roof for dampness

Owning a Listed Building

If you own or are looking to buy a listed building, we would recommend that you attend a Society for Protection of Ancient Buildings course on looking after and maintaining older properties.  Even if you do not intend to carry out the work yourself it does give you a far better idea of what work should be carried out.

We believe owning a listed building is owning a piece of history therefore are as keen as you to maintain the listed building to the highest standard.  If you need advice from a chartered surveyor call us now for a friendly chat.