All our listed building surveyors are specialists

Our Listed Building Surveyors are all Independent Chartered Surveyors with many years of experience and specialist knowledge of historic listed buildings.

we provide tailor made listed building surveys

We can provide tailor made structural building surveys to assist with your important decision of whether to buy a heritage Listed Building.

many photos and unique survey sketches

We do not just describe any property issues we use photos and our unique survey sketches to ensure you are fully informed.

Are You buying a Listed Building?

If you are considering buying a listed building then it is essential to have peace of mind with a structural survey from our Listed Building Surveyors.

Listed properties come with responsibility to maintain them using traditional materials and techniques as well as restrictions regarding amendments and alterations.  All our Listed Building Surveyors have many years of experience and will meet you at the property to talk through any issues or concerns ensuring you are fully informed prior to committing to purchase.get more survey info


specialists maintenance and repairs

Listed Buildings require regular maintenance and repair work carried out using traditional materials and techniques.  Our specialist Building Surveyors can provide reports outlining work needed, action required and anticipated costs.

concerned about heat loss

All our Listed Building Surveyors are equipped with the latest equipment and can provide surveys with thermal images to assess heat loss and advise on ways to reduce heat loss.

considering changes

Our Listed Building Surveyors can provide Feasibility Reports if you are considering alterations to your Listed property.  We understand preserving the special character of the historic building is of paramount importance.

Own a listed building

We understand owning a Listed Building is a privilege as these are very special historical buildings and require specialist advice.  Our Independent Building Surveyors are knowledgeable regarding establishing if previous alterations have been carried out correctly and can provide survey reports indicating when they have not.

Whether your listed property is Grade I, Grade II* or Grade II we understand the advantages and disadvantages of owning a Listed Building.  Our Surveyors can advise on building and maintenance work you should and should not carry out on your Listed property giving details of materials and traditional techniques which should be adhered to to ensure the property is in a good state of repair and well maintained.get more survey info