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postcard review listed property

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Easy To Read Report

5 stars

18th Century Semi-detached Thatched Cottage Grade II Listed

"Listed Building Surveyors were instructed to carry out a survey on a Grade ll Listed building by us. My husband met the surveyor at the property and was very impressed by his knowledge and expertise. We received a very detailed but easy to read report and will be completing shortly on the property. Overall, we were very happy with the service we received".

Mr M Sharp, West Sussex

Kent listed cottage

Great Detailed Report

5 stars

Open Hall House 17th century Grade II Listed

"Thank you for well written report. My main concern was the roof and this was covered within the report in great detail. A good job done!".

Mr S Smitherman, Kent

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northampton listed house

Know exactly what I am buying now

5 stars

Georgian/Regency Terraced House Grade II Listed

"We are due to complete on the house purchase within a few days of my call. I thought the survey was excellent and very thorough. I feel like I know exactly what we're buying! Really pleased that the surveyor made himself available for questions afterwards, which enabled me to clarify a few key points. I was also delighted by the service your sales lady provided personally.

Your surveying company was a pleasure to deal with. Thank you.".

Dr R Mendonca, Northamptonshire

church listed home

Definitely recommend Listed Building Surveyors

5 stars

Church converted into a house Late 17th century Grade II Listed

"We are a young couple and wanted somewhere different to live. We came across a converted Grade ll Listed church in a great location but needed to understand better what was involved and the costs. We met the surveyor at the property who was fantastic. He advised us what work was required and also gave us the anticipated costs involved. The report was easy to understand and we particularly liked the good, bad and ugly section within the report.

We were advised buying the property was high-risk due to the ongoing maintenance required but due to the findings of the report we are negotiating the price with the vendors and would definitely recommend Listed Building Surveyors to our friends and family. Thank you!".

Mrs L Maisey, South Yorkshire

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canal side listed building

The Surveyor was brilliant!

5 stars

Early Victorian Canal-side Semi-detached property

"I contacted the surveyors with regards to a property I was looking at buying on a canal. The surveyor was brilliant! I met him at the property and he gave me lots of valuable information on the day. The surveyor even advised me on a course I could attend about looking after listed buildings! The survey itself was easy to understand and I found the many photos and sketches within the report very helpful."

Mr A Diment, Northampton

lincolnshire listed building

Costly issues identified

5 stars

Late Stuart Three storey stone property Grade II Listed

"The Listed Building Surveyor was very thorough and found quite a few issues with the property.

From the Surveyors findings, we are meeting with the vendors to try and negotiate on the price as this is a Grade ll Listed building and the problems found could prove to be costly as we found out from the survey."

Mr T Leadbeatter, Lincolnshire

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