Are you buying an old or Listed Building?

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choose the right surveyor

Our recommendation for picked the right Chartered Surveyor is to ask to see an example survey of the era of property that you are buying or own – nothing else is good enough.

We are always happy to provide example surveys free phone 0800 298 5424 to receive your free example survey.

always meet your surveyor

Our experienced, qualified Chartered Surveyors are always happy to meet you at the property where you can ask as many questions as you like and our Chartered Surveyor can get to understand your requirements one to one.

proposing to make alterations

If you are proposing to alter or amend an older building or Listed building there is much to consider.  It is important to get the right information especially as you are under the watchful eye of the conservation officer – it is not that difficult if you know what you are doing – we will help guide and advise you.

how we can help you todayIf you are planning to buy or already own a Listed Building then our specialist Listed Building Surveyors will help you save money.  We have many years of experience surveying Grade I, Grade II* and Grade II Listed homes.

why use usPurchasing a Listed Building is not only a large financial commitment but one with certain responsibilities and restrictions.  A survey from one of our Independent Chartered Building Surveyors will give you the information you need to make such an important decision and will help save you time and money too.

when to free phone us 0800 298 5424Free phone 0800 298 5424 when you are looking to buy a Listed Building as a survey will give you help when negotiating saving you money.  If you own a Listed Building and require advice then free phone today as we are always happy to give expert advice.

Old buildings are full of surprises; both good and bad!  

A building survey will help identify the surprises and problems as well as recommending ways to solve them together with anticipated costs to allow you to negotiate.


Don’t delay and free phone us today.  A structural building survey will enable you to negotiate the best market price and save you money.  Have peace of mind with a building survey all our Surveyors are specialists with Listed Buildings.

Yes, we have many years of experience with Grade I, Grade II* and Grade II properties and understand that dampness can be a concern giving our clients expert advice.

Yes from Tudor, Georgian, Victorian and even Modern Listed properties.  We understand when owning a Listed Building you have a greater responsibility and believe it is vital you have a detailed building survey prior to purchase.

Yes, our survey reports will help.  For example you must ensure that all work carried out on the Listed Building in the past has had planning permission as the new owner you will be liable to correct any alterations or amendments that do not meet with the conditions and standards of the conservation officer.

Our structural building surveys on your Listed property are carried out by Listed Building Specialist Surveyors who have years of experience with period properties and historic building construction techniques.  Our surveys contain detailed executive summaries, many photographs and unique survey sketches as well as being written in plain English so you can be certain and clear regarding any property issues.

Having a survey on a Listed Building is essential and will save you money too.  When negotiating with the vendor a survey can be used to outline repairs needed which can lead to a reduction in the asking price.


Your Listed Building Surveyor helped put my mind at rest as I had not purchased a Listed Building before and was quite daunted by the prospect. The Listed Building Surveyor met me at the Grade II 16th century house and talked me through the alterations that had been made and provided an excellent survey outlining repairs required which was vital when negotiating the price. I saved money on the property and had peace of mind that I knew what I was taking on and would recommend Listed Building Surveyors as their specialist knowledge is so valuable.

Miss Jarvis, Kent

We invested in a delightful Grade II Listed house many years ago and have enjoyed the character of the period property but have needed specialist advice. The Listed Building Surveyor has been supportive over the years with expert knowledge of traditional building construction techniques and provided comprehensive reports when we have been restoring areas of the house.

Mr & Mrs Edmunds, Surrey

Dampness in my Grade I Listed house has been a cause for concern although a character of older style buildings too. The Listed Building Surveyor has been extremely knowledgeable in guiding the best way to tackle some of the dampness issues and has saved me time and money too. Having an Independent Chartered Surveyor who is qualified and experienced to advise has given me peace of mind and helped enormously.

Mr Symonds, London